Nacra F16 Carbon

Nacra F16 Carbon

The F16 is back, and faster than ever

Over the last year, Nacra Sailing started looking at the potential of the existing Nacra F16. With the popularity of the boat in mind, we decided that redesigning and redeveloping the F16 would meet the demand of cat sailors around the world – from recreational to racing in class events.

In proud cooperation with our long term partners Morelli & Melvin, Nacra designed a complete new hull shape while Performance Sails developed a new sail plan. All being built using the latest techniques and production methods.

As Olympic supplier, Nacra Sailing persisted in creating the fasted allrounder on the market. Nacra F16 now is the preferred choice for lightweight crews of all ages, suitable for both doublehanded and singlehanded sailing.

The boat will standard be delivered in completely class legal configuration. However, with the multifunctional daggerboard cases you have the possibility to switch to curved daggerboards, providing a semi-foiling performance.

If you want to take your F16 even further, different options are available: carbon mast, boom, spinnaker pole, tiller tie bar and even DS sails. Although the F16 class regulations do not allow a deck sweeper yet, Nacra already has it available for you.

Segel: Pentex
Länge: 5,00 m
Breite: 2,50 m
Masthöhe: 8,50 m
Fock: 3,70 m2
Groß: 15 m2
Baum: serie
Gennaker größe: 17,5 m2
Snuffer: serie
Schwerter: Steckschwerter
Ruder: Kick up Ruder System
Preis: folgt Mitte 2018
incl. Race Package: folgt Mitte 2018
Frachtkosten nach Norderstedt: 400,– € pro Boot
Montage des Bootes in Norderstedt: 480,– €

Race Package: 1:10 Großschotsystem verjüngt, Hecktrapez, 4 höhenverstellbare Trapeze, Sta/Master Wantenspanner, Carbontelescoppinne, Quick-release Mastrotation, Y-Mittelausreitgurt auf Trampolin, verjüngtes Spifall