The original NACRA 17 was designed from scratch to meet the specific criteria set out by World Sailing for the Olympic multihull. At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the 17 had been equipped with curved dagger boards, providing extra lift to enhance performance both upwind and downwind.

Following recent developments and demands, the next generation NACRA 17 has been redesigned into a full foiling racing machine. So, at the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, NACRA 17 will again deliver maximum excitement in multihull sailing.

Nacra 17 Class Association

The Nacra 17 class organization is involved in every step the Olympic boat takes. After the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the class and Nacra Sailing agreed to evolve the boat to become a fully foiling catamaran. The Nacra 17 class is open for every sailor with that Olympic ambition.

Website: Nacra 17 Class Association


The Nacra 17 has the stiffest platform to be found in this class. The wave piercing design results in a boat which has less drag and a more constant high speed. A strong and robust built boat but light at the same time. Makes it a catamaran with superb handling but challenging to sail. Finally, the carbon mast ensures both safety and performance. A true Olympic class catamaran designed for those sailors that want to be in front of the fleet every time.

For the design, the Nacra team joined forces with Morrelli & Melvin. This world-famous design office is known for their America’s Cup involvement and other successful multihull projects. Nacra Sailing and Morelli & Melvin have already worked closely together for many successful years.

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