Goodall Design F18 Akurra

The Akurra is the latest, no compromise, F18 from Goodall Design. We have designed, refined and engineered this racing machine into the fastest, stiffest and most accurate boats we have ever built!!!

The Goodall Akurra is the racing machine for those who want to push hard. Incorporating wave-piercing technology, the high volume bows provide a stability that allows sailors to drive the boat harder and faster with confidence. The NEW Akurra has more volume in the transom to offer better fore/aft stability for that locked in, safe feel downwind!!

The NEW high aspect rudders further decrease drag while maintaining the amazing low speed manoeuvring for those start line duels. The design nerds have also created a rudder that lifts vertically for easy of beach landings and storage.

Highly precise gybing daggerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. The NEW Daggerboard Rake system gives full customization to sailors who want to alter the feel and balance of the boat.

Traveling at high speed is all about drag reduction; and when the Akurra lights up you know you are traveling at high speed. The Akurra rig is designed to balance drag reduction and power generation so you have the best velocity output.

The sealed Aero tramp fully optimises the endplate effect from the decksweeper mainsail. This coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast and high aspect spinnaker the Akurra sail plan is a force to behold!!!

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F18 Class Association

The F18 class is founded in 1993 by Pierre Charles Barraud and Olivier Bovyn. The F18 class aims to provide fair racing for crews of various weights. With the use of two different sail sizes of jibs and spinnakers, crews can weigh from 115 to over 150 kg. Competition between the manufacturers keep the costs at the lowest level. Allowing mixed and female crews to compete on an equal basis in large male fleets made entering in the class more accessible for every sailor. The Formula 18 class keeps offering popular, exciting, safe and fair racing, and also keeps on growing and evolving.
Website: F18 Class Association

Goodall F18 C2 Details

-Ultra stiff glass foam sandwich hull construction
-Large anodized alloy beams with adjustable striker strap
-Rear beam with integral traveller track
-Traveller car with swivelling traveller cleat
-Chicopee tramp in grey or black
-Complete hull fit out including decals, logos and code flag stickers
-Dakine rear foot straps on hull sterns
-All fittings are fitted and sealed with Sikaflex to prevent leaks
-All rivets are coated in Duralac to resist corrosion
-Full Carbon gibing centreboards with up haul cords
-Alloy stocks with full carbon rudders and lockdown system
-Rudder and Centreboard storage bags
-Carbon tiller extension

-Maximum size Wing mast section
-StaMaster sidestay adjusters
-Adjustable diamond arms
-Single Bolt adjustable diamond wire tension
-Laser cut stainless steel mast rotation spanner
-Quick adjust rotation system
-16:1 luff control
-Boom with 2:1 outhaul
-9:1 Allen mainsheet system
-4:1 self-tacking jib system
-Spin halyard with separate tack line system
-Tapered spin halyard lines
-Dyneema lines in all non cleat applications

-Pentex mainsail with Fibrefoam battens
-Pentex fully battened jib
-Silicon nylon single colour spinnaker
-Complete snuffer system

Goodall F18 Akurra Technische Daten

Länge:5,5 m
Breite:2,6 m
Gewicht:180 kg
Mast Länge:9,1 m
Großsegel:17,0 m2
Fock:4,15 m2
Spinnaker:21 m2
Preis:26,120– €
Frachtkosten nach Norderstedt450,– €
Montage des Bootes in Norderstedt:480,– €

Goodall F18 Akurra Details

2 farbiger Fpinnaker +50,– €
3 farbiger Spinnaker +100,– €
Heckstützen +150,– €
F 18 Vermessung +190,– €
Carbon Teleskoppinne +130,– €
4 höhenverstellbare Trapeze +200,– €
Hecktrapez +80,– €
Polyester Trampolinpersenning +418,– €
Acryl Vollpersenning +733,– €
Fleece Rumpftaschen +430,– €
Fleece Masttasche +320,– €
Eurotrax Slipwagen +649,– €
tacktick Micro Compass montiert (auf dem Spibaum am Vorstag) +399,– €
Dein Goodall Design Akurra ab:
27.250,- inkl.Mwst