NACRA F20 Carbon / FCS

The Nacra F20 Carbon is a result of the F18 Infusion. Nacra took all the best features and applied it into a new boat. So, the Nacra F20 Carbon has the same rudder system, mast extrusion, beams and other small bits and pieces compared to the F18 Infusion. The difference can be found in the hull shape and size of the boat.

You sail the Nacra 20 with a crew of 2, the boat is designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. The boat comes standardly included with a high aspect Kevlar-carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar-carbon high aspect jib and a full radial cut gennaker. All composite component toolings are CNC milled for accurate shape and high quality/low weight finish. The hulls are built out of a full carbon fiber sandwich construction with a pre-molded shaped core.

NACRA F20 Carbon

The Nacra F20 Carbon shows resemblance with the hydrofoiling AC50 America’s Cup yachts. The design team of Morelli & Melvin also worked on the America’s Cup fleet and took their knowledge from this project and scaled it down to the F20 Carbon. The hull shape starts with a wave piercing bow forming a diamond shape hull stretching backwards into a square transom. With the combination of the curved dagger board this hull shape is of major importance.boards, responsive and positive rudders, a tightened trampoline from all four sides giving a firmer, drier, cleaner spacious platform. The sophistication of Performance Sails and the wind mast shape complement each other perfectly to allow you to improve your results.


With the Nacra 20 FCS you have the ultimate ‘flying’ racing catamaran in your hands. The FCS in Nacra 20 FCS stands for ‘Flight Control System’. During your sail, you get a controlled flight. Make alterations on the water during your flight to find the groove you are looking for and fly over water to leave others behind.

This Nacra is a benchmark in design. The FCS Main Foil, FCS T-rudder, rudder- system, spi-pole, boom and mast are built with state-of-the-art full carbon fiber construction. Using the best possible manufacturing techniques available to obtain maximum strength with minimum weight. With autoclave technology, curing the pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy at 120 degrees Celsius at an atmospheric pressure of 6 bar. It will put you ahead of the fleet in terms of performance and joy.

Your downwind experience will never be the same again, at times with enough wind and sailing without gennaker, you’ll still be foiling! These sails and technology are produced by the loft which the Olympic Nacra 17 sailors use as well.

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