Pathway for youth sailing
The Nacra 15 is designed from scratch, primarily to the World Sailing criteria to become the official Youth Multihull. With success, the fast growing Nacra 15 Class in its C-foil (curved dagger boards) configuration, is now an on-going and integral fleet of the Youth Sailing World Championships. And more unique at the Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is a smaller version of the original Olympic Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull, creating a true Olympic pathway.
Designed in 2015, the Nacra 15 offers high performance, super competitive racing with speeds up to 20 knots and beyond. A performer in its own right.
On top of all this, Nacra Sailing is offering the all new Nacra 15 FCS (Flight Control System) and the singlehanded Nacra 15 FCS ONE (which will be appealing not only to youth, by the way).

Nacra 15 Class Association

The Nacra 15 is chosen by World Sailing as the World Sailing Youth Multihull in November 2015. The boat is used during the World Sailing Youth World Championships and during the Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is the pathway for young sailors on their way to the Nacra 17 and Olympic Games.
Website: Nacra 15 Class Association
Nacra 15 High Performance Katamaran Segeln Jugend Segeln Jugend Katamaran vorolympische Bootsklasse


The Nacra 15 is about international racing and making new friends around the world. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s also about having fun locally whilst just enjoying the thrill of teenage performance sailing. A great, healthy and varies foundation in life’s skills for the young athletes.


Following the evolution of the Olympic Nacra 17 Class, Nacra Sailing introduces the full foiling Nacra 15 FCS multihull. The sail plan is the same as the original Nacra 15, the difference is the FCS foiling package being ‘plug and play’. Use it as part of a new boat package, or as an additional option for existing Nacra 15 owners. Nacra 15 FCS is the ultimate sailing experience.


Answering the increasing popularity of single-handed sailing, Nacra Sailing is proud to present the Nacra 15 FCS ONE, a full foiling, single-handed version of Nacra 15 FCS. The key difference is the sail configuration including a super efficient deck sweeper main sail, without jib. Single-handed sailing is independent, can be highly competitive and is so much fun.

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Nacra 15 Technische Daten

Nacra 15 ONE Technische Daten

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