Looking for a boat without too much hassle? The Nacra F18 Infusion is the best pick, you put her together and start racing. Don’t spend hours sanding and cleaning, she is ready for you. This boat is a real winner, it became World Champion in 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the F18 class.

The Nacra F18 Infusion is named after the method used in construction. It’s the only production catamaran made with a modern infusion system. This allows better material weight distribution within the hulls, yielding greater stiffness where it is needed. And stiffness, is speed.

F18 Class Association

The F18 class is founded in 1993 by Pierre Charles Barraud and Olivier Bovyn. The F18 class aims to provide fair racing for crews of various weights. With the use of two different sail sizes of jibs and spinnakers, crews can weigh from 115 to over 150 kg. Competition between the manufacturers keep the costs at the lowest level. Allowing mixed and female crews to compete on an equal basis in large male fleets made entering in the class more accessible for every sailor. The Formula 18 class keeps offering popular, exciting, safe and fair racing, and also keeps on growing and evolving.

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The Nacra F18 Infusion is a real racer, the hull volume is larger than other F18’s, which means higher speeds and rapid and precise boat handling. The wave piercing technology reduces drag and improves speed in all conditions. Whether you’re driving in big seas and big winds or gliding on a flat lake, the Infusion is a winner. In contrast to other designs, the Nacra Infusion stabilizes herself at high speed due to dynamic lift, hence reducing pitching to low levels yielding a far more consistent airflow over the sails, leading to those higher speeds.

When you’re an Infusion owner, you don’t need to add anything, it’s all there. The fully battened jib, the self-tacking jib rail, the large spinnaker chute and the Harken Cunningham downhaul system which enables total mainsail control. Get high upwind with the high aspect dagger boards, responsive and positive rudders, a tightened trampoline from all four sides giving a firmer, drier, cleaner spacious platform. The sophistication of Performance Sails and the wind mast shape complement each other perfectly to allow you to improve your results.


Ready to start flying? The Nacra F18 Infusion FCS sure is! This F18 is ready for full foiling, designed to fly in a wide range of weather conditions and to make competitive catamaran sailing accessible to even more sailors. The Nacra F18 Infusion FCS has been built to meet the highest safety standards. A real treat for the more, or a little less, experienced sailors.

The open multifunctional dagger board has been designed to easily transform this foiling Nacra F18 back to a class legal F18 in 30 minutes. The Nacra F18 Infusion FCS offers the ultimate sailing experience, but beware: sailing the F18 FCS is addictive.

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