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The F18 class is founded in 1993 by Pierre Charles Barraud and Olivier Bovyn. The F18 class aims to provide fair racing for crews of various weights. With the use of two different sail sizes of jibs and spinnakers, crews can weigh from 115 to over 150 kg. Competition between the manufacturers keep the costs at the lowest level. Allowing mixed and female crews to compete on an equal basis in large male fleets made entering in the class more accessible for every sailor. The Formula 18 class keeps offering popular, exciting, safe and fair racing, and also keeps on growing and evolving.
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NACRA F18 Evolution

The Nacra F18 Evolution is a racing catamaran built with advanced technology, sophisticated design tools and 45 years of experience. The primary ambition of the new Formula 18 design was to build upon the Nacra F18 Infusion’s unique pedigree as the best all-around performing F18, over the full range of sailing conditions for every sailor.
Most notable on this F18 Evolution: the hull shape design. It has an aggressively styled raked wave-piercing bow with a horizontal hull chine running back into the transom. This design delivers a unique compromise for both sailing upwind and downwind at different speeds. The optimized foredeck in front of the main beam and embedded beams into the hull add extra sleekness to this design. The updated longitudinal beam position optimizes the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic balance between the sail plan and appendages.

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