Nacra 17 MK2 flying

Nacra 17 MK2 flying

The multihull taken out of the Olympic program was to most multihull sailors a big shock. Being one of the most spectacular sailing classes around, therefore we are happy that ISAF and IOC will bring the multihull back for the next Olympic cycle. At Nacra we have studied the criteria thoroughly and submit two boats (Nacra F16 and Nacra 17) of which we are convinced will meet the ISAF criteria and will challenge the world elite sailors. Boats that proven to be true Nacra multihulls; quick, agile, exciting, durable, value for money.
The Nacra 17 is specifically designed to meet the ISAF criteria for the mixed multihull trials. The Nacra 17 is representing multihull sailing 2.0: faster and stronger.

Trials Santander
At the trials held in Santander it showed us that ISAF truly has the best intentions for sailing in the Olympics in general. They were well organized, lots of questions asked by the committee and the sailors. A true test for every boat and manufacturers organization. The testing sailor couples unanimous choose the Nacra 17 as best option for the use as the Olympic mixed multihull in the many years to come. During this week it got a bit overwhelming for the complete support team of Nacra present on how well this 2.0 multihull was received over the other competitors. For ISAF all options are out on the table now and it is up to them to make the choice for not only the best boat. Other aspects are taken into account as well like who could handle logistics the best, production, marketing, support to MNA’s and sailors etc etc.

Nacra is submitting two multihulls, the Nacra F16 and the Nacra 17. Although the F16 meets most of the ISAF criteria, the Nacra F17 is specially developed to meet the ISAF criteria.
For the design the Nacra team again joined forces with world famous designing /engineering Morrelli & Melvin from Huntington Beach, California as we have been doing for many years. Morrelli & Melvin are known for their America’s Cup involvement and many other successful multihulls projects such as: PlayStation, Gun boats and many others.

This design chosen for the Olympics results into:
– Full compliancy with ISAF criteria
– No interference with any other successful multihull class today

Wave piercing design
Wave piercing designs have a minimum draft resulting in a boat which obviously has less drag and tends less to rock, creating a more constant high speed than conventional designs

Stiff platform
The Nacra 17 and the Nacra f16 are the stiffest production platforms available in their class, resulting in direct response in the boat and the energy of wind is maximum being transferred into forward motion

Light boat
The Nacra 17 being light for its length ensures superb handling on and off the water Broader wind range during regatta’s Resulting in a agile and therefore challenging boat to sail

Strongly build in epoxy/glass/carbon and therefore durable and long lasting

Modern rig
Two piece carbon mast to ensure both safety (re-righting moment versus crew weight) and performance
Modern High aspect ratio cut sails
Easy power up/power down
Engineered by one of the most experienced multihull sail makers in the world

Curved foils
Nacra was the first company to successfully implement curved boards in 3 sails production multihulls. Over two years ago we launched the Nacra F20 Carbon successfully. This boat is being regarded as the benchmark for heavy crew in over 20 feet market. Why did we want to have curved dagger boards for our Olympic submission? ( And therefore created the Nacra 17)
Curved boards lift the leeward hull out of the water reducing drag significantly
Creating pressure and therefore sooner hull flying and trapping
Sailing with curved boards extensively we came to additional findings:
Sheet loads are reduced
Crew weight less critical
Above facts results in:
Better control over the boat in windy conditions
Less critical who is skipper/crew either male /female
Challenging to find the last percentages of maximum performance
Nacra 17 results into a agile high speed machine giving both sailors and spectators a spectacular close racing fleet.

As the Nacra dealer network is spread out over the world. The logistics of boats and boatparts is well organized. There are four major distributors divided over four continents that supply the dealers individually within these countries or areas. This Nacra dealer network has evolved over the last 36 years that Nacra exist and some dealerships are even older being active into the maritime world.
Especially in the first year it will be of extreme importance to make sure the boat chosen gets spread out smoothly to MNA’s, sailors and other interested persons. Nacra provides the necessary logistics and supplies. This ensures that sailors will be benefit from a optimal logistic service. Important for the sailors is to get on the water a.s.a.p. with the new Olympic multihull in order to prepare for the Olympic cycle to come. Nacra can provide the numbers, the quality, the support to make that happen.
To ensure proper and accurate deliveries to the Nacra distributors, Nacra closely co-operates with reliable international freight forwarding companies. This ensures that either FCL- or LCL shipments are handled correctly. No need to worry about documents etc. We know about them and take care of them! In case one wants to take care of forwarding himself; it’s OK. We’ll take care of proper export packaging.

Nacra class association INCA (International Nacra Class Association)
A Nacra class organization is in place taking care of the class championships, the class rules, and the members. With the Nacra Infusion being ISAF recognized as “international class” and more types of the program to follow, INCA keeps on organizing championships all over the world. More National Nacra class associations become member every year.

Breite 2,59 m
Länge 5,25 m
Mastlänge 9,10 m
Großsegel (incl. Mast) 16,25 qm
Fock 4,0 qm
Spinnaker 18,5 qm
Gewicht 138 kg
ready to race incl.: Carbon Ruder
einteiliger Carbonmast
Epoxy/Glass/Carbon Rümpfe
Pentex Großsegel mit Latten
Pentex full-batten-Fock
Nylon Spinnaker rot, weiß oder blau
incl. ISAF Fee 33.000,– €
Frachtkosten pro Boot nach Norderstedt +400,– €
Montage des Bootes in Norderstedt +480,– €