The Nacra 570 is the largest catamaran in the Nacra family. Although it’s big, the catamaran is easy to set up, so don’t worry about spending hours of preparing the boat before every sail. It’s a simple but thrilling catamaran, the polyester sandwich foam makes the hulls strong and stiff and gives real volume in the front of the beams to avoid nose diving. This large skeg hulled Nacra gives plenty of space to move around with two people, and it even leaves room for a third person. With three variations, there is a type for everyone.


Looking for a fun cruising catamaran, the Nacra 570 fun is perfect for plenty of days out on the sea. The double trapeze is suited for two people, but for some more relaxed sailing, there’s plenty of space for a third person on the trampoline. The Dacron jib is sheeted to the front beams, making the trampoline clear of all blocks and lines. Add up the MNX mainsail, kick up rudders and working gear by Harken, the fun already starts on the beach.


This big catamaran is a great addition to your sailing school. It gives room for three people, so the tutor can hop on together with two students. Sailing and teaching at the same time, what other fast sailing boat gives you this opportunity? Like the other School/Resort editions this Nacra 570 also comes with some nice features. The boomless mainsail to avoid bumping the head. The mainsail is made of Dacron and is easy to reef, so even when the wind gets a bit stronger, you can still sail out making your students feel even more confident on the water. This big catamaran comes without dagger boards, which makes it an easy launch from the beach.


The Nacra 570 Sport is a real racer with a bigger jib. For a bit more experienced Nacra sailors, this boat with easy rigging, fast sailing and great performance is yours when you’re up for racing a bigger catamaran. The bigger jib fits down to the spinnaker pole for more speed, but less heeling. The 21 square meter spinnaker gives real power going downwind and fits easy and fast in the long-streamlined bag alongside the spinnaker pole. The Harken gear with a Cunningham downhaul, mainsheet blocks and traveler all control the mainsail shape giving maximum power when needed. A fast, safe and confident Nacra which will take you into another world of racing.

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