Goodall Design Viper F16


When we released the VIPER just over 2 years ago, we knew it was something special and time has proven this. Results have shown it to be the highest performing and fastest 16 foot catamaran on the planet. On handicap the VIPER is proving to be the hardest boat to beat

Designed for Versatility
The VIPER fits into the both the F16 and 104 classes. The VIPER can be sailed 1 or 2-up and has a broad range of competitive crewing weights. The Global Challenge was won with a 14 year old crew and a husband and wife won the Raid des Corsaires.

Length: 5,0 m
Beam: 2,5 m
Weight: Sloop 129 kg
Weight: Uni 125 kg
Mast Height: 8,5 m
Main sail: 15,0 m2
Jib: 3,7 m2
Spinnaker: 17,5 m2
Price: 21.390,– €
freight to Norderstedt 400,– €
assembly of the boat in Norderstedt 480,– €

-Ultra stiff glass/Epoxy foam sandwich hull construction
-Large anodized alloy beams with adjustable striker strap
-Rear beam with integral traveller track
-Traveller car with swivelling traveller cleat
-Chicopee tramp in grey or black
-Complete hull fit out including decals, logos and code flag stickers
-Dakine rear foot straps on hull sterns
-All fittings are fitted and sealed with Sikaflex to prevent leaks
-All rivets are coated in Duralac to resist corrosion

-Full Carbon gibing centreboards with up haul cords
-Alloy stocks with full carbon rudders and lockdown system
-Rudder and Centreboard storage bags
-Carbon tiller extension

-StaMaster sidestay adjusters
-Adjustable diamond arms
-Single Bolt adjustable diamond wire tension
-Laser cut stainless steel mast rotation spanner
-Quick adjust rotation system
-16:1 luff control
-Boom with 2:1 outhaul
-9:1 Allen mainsheet system
-4:1 self-tacking jib system
-single line spin halyard system
-Tapered spin halyard lines
-Dyneema lines in all non cleat applications

-Pentex mainsail with Fibrefoam battens
-Pentex fully battened jib
-Silicon nylon single colour spinnaker
-Complete snuffer system


2 color spinnaker +50,– €
3 color spinnaker +100,– €
stern supports foam big +150,– €
centermainsheep +120,– €
carbon telescop tillerbar +130,– €
4 adjustable trapezwires +200,– €
2 adjustable trapezwires +100,– €
trampolincover +300,– €
boatcover +620,– €
eurotrax beachtrolley +649,– €